Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank God for College Football

Hello folks and welcome to the 2nd edition of Glenn's Random Thoughts. Let's get right to it.

Glenn's First Random Thought: Well, I am glad to see the Olympics go so that we can get back to regular television. I say that, but as soon as the Olympics were over we went right into the Democratic National Convention on every cable channel. Talk about reality TV. What a dog and pony show that was. I would rather watch re-runs of "The Golden Girls" than watch that mess. Remember these hot chicks? My favorite was the old grandma.... so spunky.

Glenn's Second Random Thought: Folks, it is time for college football and I am going to give you a couple of predictions for our hometown teams.

First, the Warhawks of LA Monroe travel to The Plains to take on the mighty Auburn Tigers. I am leaving in the morning heading to the game. I can't wait to see Auburn's new spread offense. Last year, the Warhawks surprised Bammer and stole a win in T-Town but I don't expect Auburn to have the same misfortune. I see Auburn putting up 30 points before halftime with their new spread offense and winning big in this one, 45-3.

On the other side of the state, the mighty Elephants of Bammer travel to Hot-Lanta to battle the Clemson Tigers. Clemson is lead by two outstanding running backs that are fast as lightning when they play on turf. Bama is lead by QB John Parker Wilson and the highly touted freshman Julio Jones. Word is that Julio is the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. Reports out of Tuscaloosa have it that the NCAA has decided to go ahead and award Julio with the Heisman Trophy before season even starts because of how good he is. I also heard that Clemson went out and recruited the two cornerbacks for Prattville High School that shut down Julio in the second round of the AHSAA playoffs last year, so I don't see Julio as a big threat in this game. I think JPW will throw at least 7 interceptions and I see Clemson taking care of business 33-10. Below is a picture of Coach Saban and Julio boarding the team bus to Atlanta.

Glenn's Third Random Thought: There is no way you can tell me that these girls were old enough to compete in the Olympics.

Glenn's Final Random Thought: Why is it called a "Driveway" when you park your car there? And why is it called a "Parkway" when you drive on it? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Well, that's all for this edition of "Glenn's Random Thoughts." Until next time, Be Sweet Ya'll.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's a blog?

Welcome to the first addition of "Glenn's Random Thoughts" blog post. What is a blog anyways? Who came up with that name? Blog... Sounds like something you do when you eat too much Mexican Food. Anyways, I figured I would create a blog and put some of my random thoughts in writing for all to see.

First Random Thought: Have you been watching the Olympics? I have zero interest in the sports they show during the Olympics like gymnastics, volleyball and swimming, but for some reason when the Olympics come on every year, I get caught sitting on the couch watching every minute of it. Michael Phelps has been amazing in the pool. Who would have ever guessed that there would be an Olympic event called the "Breast Stroke?" What a lucky guy....

Second Random Thought: Can't wait for Auburn football to start. This time of the year is my favorite sports time. High school and college football is starting, Nascar is getting ready to start the Chase for the Cup, PGA Golf is getting ready to start the FedEx Cup Playoffs and baseball is almost over. Is there anymore of a boring sport to watch on tv than baseball? Maybe tennis or ice hockey.... Don't get me wrong, I love going to Biscuits games but I would rather watch grass grow than a 9 inning baseball game on television.

Third Random Thought: Why did God make things that are bad for you taste so good and things that are good for you taste so bad? Think about it, what if ice cream, chocolate cake, sweet tea, candy bars and milkshakes were good for you? If that was the case, I would be the poster child for healthy folks. Last night I had a chocolate milkshake from Bruster's and it was fantastic! While I was enjoying that little slice of heaven, it made me wonder why something so wonderful could be so bad for you? One of those things that makes you go, hmmm.....

Fourth Random Thought: If you went to Quincy's Triple 7 and won $1.2 million dollars like Cynthia Brown (see picture of the lucky winner below), what would you do with the money? Many occupational therapist say that whatever your answer to that question is should be the occupation that you pursue. So, if your answer to that question is that you would fix up old cars, that means you should be a mechanic. If I won that kind of money, the first thing I would do would be to pay off all my bills. (House, vehicles, student loans, etc). After that I would use some of that money to get my wife's ministry, Footprints, off the ground so that she could do it full time and not have to work a 8-5 job ( I would then put some money aside for JP's college and have him taken care of. Then I would quit my job. I always hear people say that they would still work, but not me. I would play golf every morning at 8am. After I got done, I would eat lunch and take a nap. Then I would go back out around 2pm and play again. Then come home, eat dinner, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. I guess that means that I should have been a golfer for my profession. Only problem is that I am not good enough to play golf professionally. So in the meantime I will stick to being a mortgage loan officer.

Fifth Random Thought: Ever wonder what it would have been like to be one of Jesus' disciples? Think about everything they saw. The first two men to be called were Simon and his brother Andrew. Both of them were fisherman. They had heard Jesus preach before at the beginning of Jesus' ministry. Andrew is actually the one that brought is brother, Simon, to Jesus. Imagine going to hear Jesus preach and then he later coming back and asking you to "Follow me." The bible says that when Jesus called Andrew and Simon to be his disciples that they dropped their nets and followed Him. Jesus told them to come and "be fishers of men." Wow, what trust to drop everything they had, their livelihood, family, everything and follow Him. They did it without question. They didn't ask Jesus a bunch of questions and then ponder on His answers before they made their decision. They immediately dropped everything they were doing and followed Jesus. I often wish that I could be more like Andrew and Simon and drop everything I am doing and follow Him. It is so easy to get caught up in the trials of everyday life and put Jesus on the back burner. I pray everyday that I will be more like Andrew and Peter and drop everything I am doing and follow Him.

That's it for the first edition of "Glenn's Random Thoughts." I hope you enjoyed reading the post and until next time, Be Sweet Ya'll.